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Sharp drop in publicly funded physio assessments

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Publicly funded physio assessments fell 85% in Winnipeg after services consolidated in 2017: study

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Interview about Shoveling with Roland Lavallée

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Interview about Shoveling with Joanne Parsons

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Recent Announcement on Hip & Knee Replacement Physio Coverage

Post Op Funding Program Continues
MPA has been advised that the Hip/knee Program will continue as usual and Manitoba Blue Cross will honor all clinic billings until further notice.
MB Health will advise us once they have determined if and when this program will be ending. Surgical patients should receive revised discharge instructions at that time. This is only information we have been provided to date, but it is good news for now! Again, we remain hopeful that we can negotiate some form of a return to funded post op care on a permanent basis for this patient population. April 4, 2024.