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Derek Purvis


Derek is the owner of LOCAL Physiotherapy and has been a practicing Physiotherapist since 2015.
He has a special interest in vestibular rehabilitation including vertigo and concussions.  
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Anna DiMarco


Anna has been a physiotherapist for over 30 years, having graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Physiotherapy. Asides from the first two years of her career, she has spent the majority of her professional time in private practice working in the musculoskeletal realm of care.  Full Bio Here!  

Tami Prado-Tecter


Tami has a Physiotherapy degree from Brazil and a Masters in Rehabilitation Sciences degree from the University of Manitoba. She has completed additional training in Pilates, neuropediatrics, pelvic health, acupuncture, and dry needling.   
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Kaitlyn Joyal


Kaitlyn had a unique beginning to her career in physiotherapy that has given her the opportunity to help a variety of populations including athletes, seniors, adults and children. She found her home at Nova Physiotherapy treating both orthopedic and pelvic health conditions.
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Liza Cordova

Co-Chair, Private Practice

Liza has been practicing physiotherapy for 15 years. She has worked in the public and private sectors. At Concordia hospital,  she worked with the orthopaedic team to provide pre-op and post-op assessments, and treatment to allow hip and knee patients have a smooth recovery.    Full Bio Here!

Jessika Aiello

Public Practice Co-Chair

Jessika first graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2019 with a Bachelor of Recreation Management and Community Development, obtaining an Option in Aging.
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Brenda Tittlemier

Public Practice Co-Chair

Brenda graduated in 2006 from the University of Manitoba with her physiotherapy degree. After graduation, she moved to Yellowknife, NT where she worked at the Stanton Territorial Hospital in for 8 ½ years.
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Kyle Crockatt

Private Practice Chair

Kyle graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2005 with a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation and has treated orthopedic and vestibular patients in private practice ever since.  Kyle has spent his entire career in rural Manitoba, primarily in Brandon, but has also worked in Neepawa and Virden.  Full Bio Here!

Maddy Lengyel

Professional Development Chair

Maddy graduated from the University of Manitoba with her Masters of Physiotherapy in 2020. She is currently employed at Spire Physiotherapy and enjoys working with a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.
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Katie Braun


Katie is passionate about helping people achieve their best health possible and is a big advocate of physiotherapy. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Master of Physical Therapy in 2019 after which she went right into studies in pelvic health.
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Darryl Ross

Rural and Remote Chair

Darryl Ross graduated from University of Manitoba in 1995 and has worked in private practice physiotherapy in Brandon since that time. He started Dynamic Physiotherapy in 2005 as a sole practitioner and has built a multidisciplinary clinic that is presently home to 17 clinicians. 
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Andrea Loraas

Senior Student Representative

Andrea is a second-year student in the University of Manitoba's Master of Physical Therapy program. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Saskatchewan, with convocation from the College of Kinesiology in spring of 2022.  Full Bio Here!