Assessment / Diagnosis of Common Conditions

Your physiotherapist can treat a wide range of health conditions by following these four steps:


Your physiotherapist will examine your health history, level of mobility, pain patterns, and your neurological and cardiorespiratory status. This will help determine the condition’s impact on your physical function at work, rest, and play.


Based on the assessment your physiotherapist can identify the source of the problem and provide you with a diagnosis.


Together with your physiotherapist, an individualized treatment plan is developed to meet your goals. Your physiotherapist will measure your progress regularly and adjust your treatment according to your needs and preferences. Several of these treatments include therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, acupuncture, electrical modalities, and hydrotherapy.


Your physiotherapist is an excellent source for information on a wide range of health issues, and can advise you on how to manage your condition independently. Their knowledge and expertise will allow you to maximize your mobility and range of motion, and help you prevent recurrences or complications in the future.

Talk to your physiotherapist today about what you can do to control the symptoms related to your condition.