Unlock Manitoba Health Funded Physiotherapy Navigating Subsidized Services for Therapists and Patients

Discover the support you need! Manitoba Health offers a range of programs providing subsidized access to physiotherapy services for patients. Whether you're a physiotherapist or an individual seeking care, these initiatives are designed to enhance accessibility. Learn more about the available programs and how to access subsidized physiotherapy services.

Costs for each program may be subject to change without prior notice.

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Cardiac Rehab

Wellness Institute - 1075 Leila Avenue

Cardiac Patients

About this program: Adults with a diagnosed cardiac condition (MI, CAD, CABG, valve surgery, CHF, transplant, PAD)

  • Refereral needed: Yes
  • It has specific intake dates (every 1-2 weeks)
  • Service cost: Fee with Subsidy Option. $270+GST (subsidy available if insurance exhausted and finances are a concern)

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Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Clinic

Deer Lodge Centre - 2109 Portage Ave

Short-Term Care Needs

About this program: Those in need of assessment &/or short-term intervention.  Community transition e.g.) recent discharge from inpatient Geri rehab or acute care who require targeted follow up. Prioritize those at risk of hospitalization or decompensation in community. 65+ in day hospital located in Winnipeg West.

  • Referral need: Yes
  • Service wait time: 2 weeks
  • Service costs: No fee

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Day Hospital

Seven Oaks Hospital - 2300 McPhillips Street

Elderly Multidisciplinary Care

About this program: Adults age 65 and older, who have multidisciplinary needs

  • Referral needed: None
  • Service wait time: high priorities 2-3 weeks - lower priorities up to 8 weeks
  • Service cost: No fee

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Easy Street

Misericordia Health Centre - Unit 6 - 25 Sherbrook Street

Life Skills Rehabilitation

About this program: It provides service to adults in the WRHA region who are having difficulty with everyday living skills due to a life-impacting health change such as a brain injury, stroke or long COVID. We identify goals to increase our clients independence and perform activities like dressing, walking, banking, shopping, taking the bus and driving a power wheelchair.

  • Referral needed: Yes
  • Service wait time: 16 weeks
  • Service cost: No fee

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Geriatric - Day Hospital

Robert A. Steen Day Hospital, located at Riverview Health Centre- 1 Morley Ave

Flexible Senior Rehabilitation

About this program: Older adults (65+). There are no diagnosis restrictions or indications, though there should be some identifiable goals that can be achieved through short-term rehabilitation.  Continue reading here!

  • Refereral required: Yes
  • The wait list varies depending on the referral volume. 
  • No fee / Transportation fee $15

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Movement Disorder Clinic

Deer Lodge Centre - 200 Woodlawn Street

Movement Disorder

About this program: Movement disorder diagnosis and followed by a neurologist at the Movement Disorder Clinic. Referral to MDC neurologist by primary care physician, and then the neurologist can refer to physiotherapy (and other disciplines like OT, SLP, etc)

  • Referral needed: Yes
  • Service Wait Time: 6 to 8 weeks
  • Service cost: No fee

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My Health Teams

Throughout Winnipeg

Access to primary care for all Manitobans

About this program: My Health Teams are teams of care providers (whether located in the same offices or virtually connected online) that work with you to make sure you get the care you need, when you need it. They are the health care neighbourhoods that provide care.

  • Referral needed: Yes
  • Service wait time can vary significantly based on the number of consultations being processed
  • Service cost: No fee

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Physiotherapy Cancer Rehabilitation

CancerCare Manitoba - 675 McDermot Ave

Cancer-Related Musculoskeletal Issues

About this program: Any patient (adult) with a cancer diagnosis who have musculo-skeletal issues related to cancer and cancer treatment.

  • Referral needed: Yes
  • Service wait time:  4 to 8 weeks
  • Service cost: No fee

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PRIME - Deer Lodge Center

Deer Lodge Center - 2109 Portage ave

Community Care Seekers

About this program: A Senior Health Center is an inclusive community initiative designed for individuals aged 65 and above with intricate medical and psychosocial requirements. It involves the collaboration of an interdisciplinary team to provide assistance, allowing these individuals to continue residing in their homes for an extended period.

  • Referral needed: No
  • Service wait time  may vary depending on the season
  • Service cost is related to income

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PRIME - Misericordia Health Centre

Misericordia Health Centre - 99 Cornish Avenue

Senior Complex Care

About this program: PRIME is a multidisciplinary program for seniors with complex medical conditions / frailty who are at risk of PCH placement/frequent hospital admissions. Clients who join the program are followed by a Geriatrician (must give up their GP) and once enrolled will be followed until deceased or move to PCH (or can self-discharge any time).

  • Referral needed: None
  • Service wait time: 8 to 12 weeks
  • Service cost is related to income

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Wellness Institute - 1075 Leila Ave

Pulmonary Patients

About this program: Adults with a diagnosed pulmonary condition (COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, bronchiectasis, pulmonary HTN, restrictive lung disease, long COVID)

  •  Referral needed: Yes
  •  Service wait time:  Around 8 weeks
  •  Service cost: No fee


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Neuro Rehab Clinic

Riverview Health Centre - 1 Morley Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R3L 2P4

Neurological Patients

About this program: People with neurological conditions and who live in Manitoba. We offer in person services at Riverview Health Centre, and can provide treatment to people in rural and remote locations in Manitoba via telerehabilitation.

  • Referral needed: None
  • Service Wait Time: A waiting list collected each year from January – May
  • Service cost: No fee

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WRHA My Health Team

Seven Oaks Inkster community area - 785 Keewatin Street (Access Norwest Co-op Community Health Centre)

Specialized Physiotherapy Program

About this program: If a patient’s PCP is a My Health Team partner they can be referred by their PCP for physio.
Anyone not eligible for other publicly funded physio program or services.
We see mostly adult population, and a large variety of different conditions/diagnosis including chronic disease management (diabetes, COPD, Neuro conditions) to chronic and acute MSK conditions.

  • Referral needed: Yes
  • Service wait time: 8 to 10 week
  • Sercost: No fee

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WRHA Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Deer lodge Centre. 2109 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3J 0L3

Adult Pulmonary Patients

About this program: Adults. Able to attend ambulatory community-based program.
COPD diagnosis confirmed by spirometry or Pulmonary Function Tests (i.e. pulmonary fibrosis, bronchiectasis, restrictive lung disease, asthma in combination with COPD). Pulmonary hypertension. Patients must have the ability to understand self-management education and exercise information to benefit from this program. Long COVID-19 clients.

  • Referral needed: Yes

  • Service wait time: 8- 16 weeks

  • Service cost: No fee

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