2021 Articles in the Winnipeg Free Press

Explain the Pain

December 2021

Pain is something many of us are all too familiar with. For some, it comes after suffering an injury during a sporting event or being involved in a motor vehicle accident. click here for full article.

Becoming a Physiotherapist

November 2021

To become a physiotherapist in Canada, requires graduation from a master's degree from an accredited university program. click here for full article

Persistent Post-Concussion Symptoms? Physiotherapy can help!

April 2021

Concussions happen to more people than you may think. They can happen in sports, at work, in a car accident, or even a slip and fall at home. click here for full article

When You Go - Let it Flow!

February 2021

Physiotherapists want to know about your pelvic floor health. You may be shy to talk about your bathroom habits, but they have heard it all and are here to help. click here for full article

Physiotherapy - Essential to Your Health, Mobility and Independence!

January 2021

The Manitoba Physiotherapy Association (MPA) and its several hundred members are very pleased to provide access to all Manitobans to their new website and Find a Physiotherapist feature. click here for full article

Return to Play

January 2021

The body is a wonderful self-sufficient, self-monitoring and self-healing organism. Healing times may vary between athletes and nonathletes. click here for full article